Beilen, 1 – 7 November
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Hotel Ten Cate
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Workshop Strategic thinking

BEILEN / EMMEN – What is the cause for a smart child to become a prodigy in all kinds of thinking related sports? And why is a child with ADHD able to play a draughts game for 5 consecutive hours? What is going on inside the head of a draughts player, young and old alike? What can businesses learn from these children? And how can children use their strength for thinking to their advantage to get better jobs?

To plan ahead, to decide and to execute
The average adult does nothing but plan ahead all day. From something as simple as “What are we going to eat today” or the packing of suitcases for a holiday to ingenious projects in which planning is highly required to work most efficiently. Therefore it is not just useful to make a plan, but especially to see the whole picture and to take the right decisions ahead of time.

Workshop for the children/students

Prefrontal Cortex
To plan and to execute those plans is a skill which most adults rely on. And many parents argue with their children because “They do not plan enough”, “They make the wrong decisions”, or “They do not see the effects of their actions”. That is because of their prefrontal cortex is not fully developed yet. That part of the brain is only fully developed when you are around 25 years old. This part of the brain is responsible for seeing the big picture, generalising and cause/effect.

But you can learn to concentrate, to control impulses and to plan
Good news for all the parents who are concerned for their children not having these skills. Because you can learn them all, by training them. And what is better than learn these skills through a playful manner. The strengthening of concentration, on the basis of winning or losing by their own knowledge and/or actions, will also be learned in a playful manner.

Workshop for adults

Brain functioning in the business
In business certain skills, to reach maximum efficiency, are also not to be missed. For instance:
* to think further ahead
* to get an idea of your own chances and of that of your opponent
* to make integral considerations to get to genius decisions and to be one step ahead of others.
Summarized: the making of decisions on the basis of a sometimes really fast SWOT analysis.
Because where mankind sometimes gets into a reflex of quick thinking in difficult situations, the draughts players already have learned how to think really quickly and how to react adequately to unexpected moves from the opponent, even under high pressure.

“I never lose! I either win, or I learn”

Workshop strategic thinking
How it is going to work, how you are going to learn to look ahead, how the time flies during a game of draughts, is something we happily teach children with the primary school age, parents and teachers in the workshop strategic thinking. But this is also interesting for employees of companies who have to do deliver top performances daily. This workshop will be given by a young, successful trainer from Hoogeveen, who has helped a lot of talented children to national titles and even international titles, already.

The workshop is around 2-3 hours, in which the group also visits the World Championship draughts.

Beilen or Emmen
The workshops will be held in Beilen from the first of November to the 7th of November (during the World Championship Draughts for Youth) and from the 8th of November to the 25th of November in Emmen during the World Championship Draughts for Seniors, with players like Roel Boomstra (22), Wouter Sipma (22) and Jan Groenendijk (17), but also the 10 times World Champion Alexey Chizhov and 7 times World Champion Alexander Georgiev as participants.

Which days, depends on the amount of interest of the groups and other scheduled activities.

The price of the Workshop
Participating the workshop costs € 10,00 p.p. with groups of a minimum of 10 people. Registration can be done by writing an email to

For companies it is possible to have the workshop adapted to a certain theme or subject, and to even have it take place at the company building, including a small tournament or simultaneous game against a famous draughts player. For further questions, send an email to, phone number +31615282620