Beilen, 1 – 7 November
Hotel Ten Cate
Hotel Ten Cate
Gemeente Midden-Drenthe
Gemeente Emmen
Provincie Drenthe

Regulations Juniors Beilen

Special regulations World Championships for Juniors Boys and Juniors Girls

Beilen (Netherlands) 2015

Course of the Tournaments

Article I
The tournaments will be played according to the Swiss system on Rating at most in 9 rounds according to the timetable provided by the organization committee. The players will be regrouped corresponding to the here added official list.

Article II
These will be made in accordance with the Swiss system by using the program “Toernooimanager”. Players of the same country are not bound to meet each other in the first round.

Article III
The official rules of the FMJD will be used. The time rate will be 1 hour and 20 minutes per player plus 1 minute per move played: « Fischer system ». Use of clock and recording games is compulsory. There is no more a phase of ‘time shortage’, and recording games is compulsory from move to move. The 40 move rule for agreeing a draw will be enforced. Any players agreeing a draw in less than 40 moves will be awarded a score of 0-0.

Article IV
Decision of ex-aequo.
After the last round the players will be classified on the base of the total points obtained. In case of an ex-aequo, the decision will be taken in accordance with FMJD Annex 3, article, by using the following criteria:
The classification after each round, including the final order at the end of the tournament, is made in the order of the scores. Players with equal scores are ordered:
– 1.The highest average rating of the opponents.
There will only be a tie break if all results are completely the same after having applied all criteria for players ending on the first place. This tie break will be played in the form of a Lehmann-Georgiev tie break.

Article V
Assignment of the titles.
The first place gives right to the title of World Champion Juniors Boys 2015 and World Champion Juniors Girls 2015.

Article VI
The players finishing in the first three places will receive a medal and an official diploma.

Article VII
These special regulations are juridically superior to all later translations.
According to the rule adopted in the General Assembly of Abidjan 1996 it is forbidden to smoke in the playing hall.