Beilen, 1 – 7 November
Jeugd WK
Hotel Ten Cate
Hotel Ten Cate
Gemeente Midden-Drenthe

Wouter Wolff, Anton Bursuk and Jitse Slump end equal

Jitse champion

Wouter Wolff (NL) drew after the breath-taking double sacrifice of Konstantsin Nord (Belarus). Anton Bursuk (Russia) also couldn’t get further than a draw. Jitse Slump (NL) shoved Koral Cichocki (Poland) from the board.
Now it’s up to the calculators.
Aha, Anton and Jitse are the same in everything, Wouter stays one resistance point behind.

A barrage between Anton Bursuk and Jitse Slump follows.

The barrage consisted of one blitz game. Well then, who can match Jitse?

Gemeente Emmen
Provincie Drenthe