Beilen, 1 – 7 November
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Hotel Ten Cate
Hotel Ten Cate
Gemeente Midden-Drenthe

Definitely no Lanterne Rouge for China

Monday 2 November, 2nd round

Siep Buurke

translated from Dutch by Vincent Houtjes

There will be two rounds today after the hectic first round. This will be asking a lot of the participants, especially the younger ones are going to get used to the fact that draughts is a game that takes time. It is not easy to play draughts for nine hours on a single day. Sometimes players will draw in the first round to still have enough energy for the second. But there is not any of that here, every single game is one to fight for.

The results of the Mongolians and the Chinese are surprising. The distance they have had falling behind is quickly being removed.

Yunbo Xiong (wit) – Jiyang Wang    photo Michel Stempher

The Dutch however, do not have any problems keeping up. Martijn van IJzendoorn is at the top after two rounds, as expected. Mara Langeveld is also in good standing as fifth at the Girls Juniors. At the Cadets Wouter Wolff is playing very well and Nick Waterink is also doing well in a shared fourth place. Ilse Barf also has three points and still has every chance to score high. Kirsty Wahjuwibowo has an excellent start with 4 of 2. Shortly, the Dutch are to be reckoned with.

Gemeente Emmen
Provincie Drenthe