Beilen, 1 – 7 November
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Hotel Ten Cate
Hotel Ten Cate
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VermoeidheidMonday 2 November, 3rd round

Siep Buurke

translated from Dutch by Vincent Houtjes

In the third round is the exhaustion starting to kick in. Points that could have been scored are being missed, so the mentally strong triumph. With some players crying was more adequate than smiling.

E.g. Nicole the Vries (NL) was winning for a long time. But at the most deciding moment she did a nice looking move too fast. Unfortunately, after the forced move by her opponent, Nicole could not win anymore. By taking more time thinking the move through, she surely would have seen the winning move. It really is an art to think clearly for four consecutive hours.

Emre Hageman (NL) missed a point as well at the Hopes. He took a lot of time looking for the draw but could not find it.
Wouter Wolff (NL) was number one at the Cadets. One game, he reached the endgame with good chances. Even though he thought of it as a draw, his opponent made it so that it was a loss for Wouter.

Surprising, but maybe not for everyone was the rising of Wouter Morssink (NL) to third place.

Jorne Huiting (NL) excellently played a draw against Jitse Slump (NL), whom was tired after being beaten in the morning by Anton Bursuk (RU). But Jitse still has six rounds to get his usual game back in action.

Wouter Wolff    photo Geb Kos

At the Mini Cadets for Girls is Marie Gabbert (NL) doing well. She is currently fifth with a score of 5 out of 3. In the afternoon round she chose for a strong attack that won her the game against Jasmijn Scholtens (NL). A lot can be expected from her if she plays like this. Here she played 9. … 22-28!

Machiel Weistra is also rocketing ahead at the Mini Cadets Boys, he is surprisingly sharing first place. The Junior Mongolians are doing well. At the boys Sukhbat Tsogtbaatar and at the girls Odgerel Molomjamts. Both are in second place. In Mongolia people are conscientiously being trained and you can see the results of that in this tournament. Martijn van IJzendoorn (NL) is sovereignly at the top. He is still in his role as favourite.


Gemeente Emmen
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